How It Works

Our design illustration process starts with:

  1. Brainstorming
    1. The main object of the design: What is the central focus or theme?
    2. Additional objects: Are there any secondary elements or details you want included?
    3. Background or ambiance: What kind of setting or mood are you envisioning for the design?
    4. Maximum number of colors: Do you have a specific color palette in mind or a limit on the number of colors to be used?
    5. Text to be included: Are there any specific words, phrases, or messages that need to be incorporated into the design?]
    6. Reference materials: Please provide any reference photos or designs you have. This could include images that capture the style, mood, or elements you want in your design.
  2. Sketching
    1. drafting a rough sketch to show the client our idea, client can request revisions and adjustments at this stage.
  3. Coloring
    1. Once the sketch is approved, we move on to coloring. At this point, clients can only request minor revisions, such as color changes or slight adjustments to positioning without altering the overall design.
  4. Finishing

The final steps involve adding finishing touches and preparing all files to be sent to the client.”

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